The Acquisitions department is dedicated to actively seeking potential development opportunities, be it a parcel of land or an existing property with a large plot where we feel that, with our planning expertise, we can add value by obtaining planning permission to multiple units. We’ve proven time and again that we have the vision, experience and unique expertise that enables us to maximise market potential.

We have expertise in seeking out opportunities, developer’s knowledge in every aspect of the building process and the drive to make the impossible happen. As an independent group, we can make decisions freely with the speed that publicly quoted companies cannot. This leads to faster acquisitions and disposals. As everyone knows, a successful development depends on making the right decision at the right price.

If you have a potential site with or without planning, or have a residential house on a large plot, please call us to discuss the possibility of redevelopment.

For more information please contact Manj Makkar on

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