Site Manager

Day-to-Day Duties

  • Site supervisors, contractors signing a record
  • Have a plan each morning of what works need to be carried out
  • Make sure all instructions are being followed by  contractors
  • Check for any new drawings or any tools or PPE requirement on site
  • All suitable PPEs are being used
  • All works being carried out is done safely
  • Make sure tools/equipment are safe to use, go through them every week or fortnightly if used constantly
  • Site is clean and safe to work: every 30 minutes go inside and check
  • WC/shower rooms are clean
  • Any grinding/welding being used on any day - Provide a Hot Work Permit every morning and signed by the person carrying out hot works
  • If new contractor on-site, make sure RAMS, liability insurance, induction and contract is being provided before any works are carried out
  • Monitor all materials coming on-site and keep records for future reference
  • All payments for contractors are forwarded to the office as soon as possible to avoid any delays
  • Every 2 weeks on Friday create a weekly report to send to head office as well as client to keep up to date with works, outstanding payments etc 

Date Added

January 28, 2020

Closing Date

March 7, 2020

Head Office

Reliance Homes Ltd



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