Raj Makkar

CEO & Founder

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Mr. Makkar is the driving force behind Reliance Homes phenomenal growth and success. Bringing almost two decades of global entrepreneurial experience to his companies, he has an inspirational personality with exceptional skills in problem solving to transact business. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant, he has extensive knowledge in Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Planning in the Real Estate and Financial Sector. He expertise in Capital Fund Raising, Investor Relations, Acquisitions and Property Development makes him an integral part of the company.

Paramjit Makkar

Partner – MSc

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Proficiency in investors relations, sound judgments in acquisitions and developments and exceptional skills acquired several years of invaluable experience has made Director Mr. Paramjit Makkar an important integral part and a driving force behind his various companies.

Manjot Makkar


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With his exceptional interpersonal skills, Manjot Makkar has earned a decade of invaluable experience in real estate as a dedicated Director of his company. Starting young in the real estate sector, he has established himself as a leader in residential property sector. He is also the founder of London Coworks, the most inspiring, comfortable and productive working space based in Hillingdon House, Uxbridge.


Sachin Gupta

Director – M.B.A

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Sachin is responsible for overall company design and projects focus. He has proven his skills by working in a dynamic environment, leading, managing and helping his team develop. His passion for his work makes him a committed team leader and an integral part of the company.

John Hazell

Planning Consultant

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John Hazell is the lead planner who works with external architects on various Reliance Homes projects. He ensures that each development is designed to look great and offers the highest quality homes. He has designed many projects; and in doing so has developed strong working relationships with our clients and contractors to ensure projects are made to the company standard.

Mandeep Singh

Marketing Director - MSc Real Estate Investments & Finance

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Mandeep has a successful background as a Marketing Manager and also has a vast experience in real estate finance, delivering numerous complex strategies for problem solving. His extensive knowledge, great communication skills and efficient decision making makes him a key member in the company. Very few have his on-going resolve and dedication to the company’s ongoing success.

Anshul Gupta

Accounts Manager - CA, CeMAP

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Anshul is a detail-oriented accountant with an extensive knowledge of taxation and banking strategies. Proficient in generally accepted accounting principles, including data analysis, financial projections and processing. She has proven ability to interact with both finance and non-finance staff in order to facilitate efficient reporting procedures.

Kanchan Khemlani

Lettings Manager – B.com

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Kanchan has a wealth of experience in property management. She demonstrates strong organization skills and extensive knowledge and is responsible for managing our vast property portfolio. Her main duties include liaising with building contractors, estate agents, supervision of repair projects, dealing with rent collection and invoicing. Her enthusiasm for her work makes her an excellent member of our team.

Shatakshi Bisht

Sales Manager – BA (hons)

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Shatakshi forms part of our sales team with a strong background in design. She uses her skills to develop ideas for our brand promotion. Responsible for our social media accounts, advertisements and website management her role also includes creating CGI visuals for architectural support.

Prandeep Singh

Project Manager – M.B.A

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Prandeep has key strengths in establishing collaborative working relationships and has delivered results that align to the client’s objectives. His optimism, enthusiasm, and focus on getting things done makes him an excellent new addition to the Reliance team.

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